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Ghost Editing

Transform that ethereal spark of an idea into a solid, down-to-earth book  

Are you a creative person with a brilliant idea that you want to share with the world? When you have a rough draft written but aren’t sure you have the time, energy, or capacity to bring the manuscript along to a publishable stage...close your eyes, knock three times, whirl in a circle, snap your fingers, and call on your friendly Ghost Editor, a professional word wrangler, sentence stylist, and text tamer who will mine your mind, develop your idea, and finish the book for you.

Ghost editing has two powerful ancestorsghostwriting and manuscript editingand it inherits the best features of both: your ghost editor (boo! that's me!) analyzes your early, insubstantial draft, and performs a developmental edit, noticing what is there and what is missing, what is working well and what is irrelevant. And then, after collaborating with you, the author, to devise a revision plan, implements that revision plan. The book's skeleton is put in place and the text is fleshed out with new writing and heavy line editing of the remains of the original draft, all in close collaboration with you. We eventually arrive at a finished manuscript that you deem ready for the next step toward publication. Ghost editing saves you from having to endure many rounds of writing, rewriting, editing...and even more revising by yourself.

As a ghost editor, I take that scary first draft and breathe life into it, analyzing what’s there, determining what’s missing, and then consulting with you to devise a plan to complete the book. I ask you an otherworldly number of questionsby email or by online meetingto divine your thoughts and ideas and to learn your voice, which we’ll carefully preserve in the text.


In the ghost editing process, the original text is developed, new text is written, andwith excellent and honest communicationtogether we produce a stronger manuscript. 

Rate: Starting at 11 cents per finished word

check out this guest post I wrote to learn even more, or...

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"It is a joy working with Christina. I have asked her to be a part of several projects that I have overseen for a few organizations. She is thorough and detailed in her work. I sincerely trust her to make our content better and flawless. Her personality makes working with Christina a delight. She produces perfection all while allowing everyone involved on the project to smile."

—Nona A. Phinn, THuS Marketing and Branding Services

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