Nonfiction Editing

Editing means different things to different people.  For your academic, scholarly, or narrative nonfiction, which do you need?

For nonfiction books and academic writing, I provide two types of professional editing:

Developmental Editing / Manuscript Evaluation

This is a deep dig into your manuscript's structure and content. Some people call this Developmental Editing; others, Manuscript Critique or Evaluation. It is not polishing the text at the sentence and word levels—that's Copyediting (see the following description).


In this type of editing, I analyze the manuscript, noting in an editorial letter whether you address your chosen audience in a consistent and effective manner and whether your arguments build to a logical conclusion. If reorganizing chapters or sections can improve flow and sense, I suggest how to move text and then smooth it into a cohesive whole that supports your premise. I suggest how you might rewrite passages that wander off course or out of focus. In comments in the manuscript, I demonstrate how to troubleshoot problem areas, clarify meaning, eliminate jargon, and include transitions. Together, we extricate your central message and take the reader on a learning journey, all while preserving your distinct voice.

I annotate the manuscript using Word's Comments feature and provide an in-depth editorial letter that includes actionable suggestions for revision. 

Rate: Starting at 2.4 cents per word


In Copyediting, I focus on grammar, usage, spelling, and mechanics and how to improve them, with clarity, correctness, and consistency foremost. I declutter the text, invigorate the verbs, question ambiguity, and implement the chosen style, editing citations, notes, bibliographies, and reference lists along the way to prepare your manuscript for publication.


Copyediting includes some rearranging at the sentence and the paragraph level to organize and tighten the writing so that your message shines through bright and clear, and in your voice.

Often this type of editing takes place in "two rounds": (1) initial copyediting followed by author review and revision, and (2) final copyediting for polish and cleanup.

Rate: Starting at 2 cents per word

For journal articles, a minimum $150 fee applies.

"One thing I'd like to mention. I dislike copy editors. I have always experienced them as a necessary evil, with their pettiness and frustrating exactitude. I say this because Christina is a f---ing genius. She is unlike ANY copy editor I've ever worked with. She's truly gifted. As I went through her edits, I actually started to feel like it was a gift that she gave her attention to my book. I told my husband at least three times, ‘If i wasn't already married, I'd be asking Christina for her hand.’ Please let her know how deeply I appreciate her careful work and her profound consideration. I'm still in thrall of her skills."

—Inga Muscio, author, Cunt: A Declaration of Independence

Like authors, projects are individuals, so the editorial work that needs to be done to get a piece shipshape and the amount of time to do it vary. I can quote a more firm price after we discuss the project and I preview the manuscript.


Let me know when you are ready for
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so we can start transforming your manuscript into the sparkling jewel
you mean it to be.


Puzzled about which type of editing your project needs?

Let's discuss it!

"Wow! This is some of the best copyediting I have ever worked with. THANK YOU for your efforts on this."

—Kathleen S., nurse author

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