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On Paper

Professional Editing for Your Book
On Paper

Need a Break from Screens?


Research showsas perhaps does your own real-world experiencethat reading text on paper and writing longhand or with a manual typing device, such as a typewriter, have profound effects on our understanding, comprehension, and retention as well as our creativity, critical thinking, and effectiveness as readers and writers. (A quick internet search, lol, brings up numerous studies examining the effects of reading and writing on paper versus onscreen.)

We, as living human beings, have a long and treasured history with the physically written word. Only recently have we moved a majority of our thinking and communication onlinefor the sake of speed and efficiency, we say. But at what cost?

If your eyes need a break from electronic type, if your mind wishes to be set free to ascend to the heights of creativity, let's work together on paper. I accept typewritten and (legibly) handwritten manuscripts for editing. In fact, my mouse hand longs for them!

Contact me for details on how we can work best with hard copy of your manuscript.

Practice Slow Writing
and Slow Reading!


Rate: Starting at 2.6 cents per word


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