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Hello, dear!

Some of my favorite places...


Alliance of Independent Authors
     A nonprofit collaborative collective of independent self-publishing authors.


American Anthropological Association

     The professional association for anthropologists. There's so much going on!


American Ethnological Society

     People studying people.

American Society for Indexing
      The voice of excellence in indexing.


American Society of Mammalogists

     For the study of some of the most interesting animals on Earth.


Book Designer David Moratto

     An utterly able book designer who brings your cover and interior to life.

The Chicago Manual of Style Online: Chicago Style Q&A
      Entertaining and informative answers to style questions.

      A newsletter that illuminates the tools editors use and trends in editing.


Cristina Mittermeier

    Gorgeous, evocative photos of humans and creatures along the wild coasts.


Edible Geography

     Home of Gastropod-casts and weird and wonderful facts about food and the people who play with it.

Editorial Freelancers Association Editorial rate sheet
      A tip sheet on average fees charged for editorial services.


Historical Novel Society

     For keeping up with historical fiction.


International Society for Behavioral Ecology

     Studying the  fitness consequences of behavior.

Jacelyn Rye Romance

     Tales of love set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Rockies.
National Association of Independent Writers and Editors
      A professional association for writers and editors.


National Geographic Society

     Nat Geo is interested in everything I'm interested in: geography, archaeology, natural science, and the promotion of environmental and historical conservation.    

The New Yorker
      Some of the best writing (and editing) around.

The Paris Review Daily
      Blog of The Paris Review.


Paul Nicklen

     One of my favorite Nat Geo photogs (it's hard to pick just one!).

Pink Blossom Publishing

     Home of the Perfect Birdhouse.


Steamboat Springs Writers Group

     Home of my hometown wordcrafters.

The Subversive Copy Editor Blog
      Hilarious! The book's cover image evokes fond memories of the days when we edited on paper with pens: Live Copy.

Toni Mari Books

     For novels featuring horses and horsepeople.


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