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Quotes about indexing

Indexing is one of the most important aspects of book production. Indexes sell books! A nonfiction book without an index is like a computer without a file system—or a person without a memory!

All nonfiction works of book length deserve a carefully prepared index so that readers can access the information therein. A book's index is a navigational aid that gathers concepts, topics, and subjects into alphabetically arranged groups, enabling readers to find information quickly, efficiently, and intuitively.


I create easy-to-use and comprehensive back-of-the-book indexes—usually on very tight and changing production schedules.

"Fifty (50) pages! Another magnificent index! What a sensational effort!"

—Steve Sagman, Waypoint Press

"Terrific to see such an extensive index. This big book needed a great index and that looks excellent."

Author, Microsoft Learning

Schedule your book for indexing today!

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